Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thrifting 1, Pottery Barn 0

I got the new Pottery Barn catalog the other day and was flipping through it when I stopped on this image:
That is their Colorful Cafe Glassware. A set of six of the aqua goblets sells for $57. It reminded me an awful lot of my recent thrift find:
Wouldn't you agree that the goblets second from the right are a darn good likeness of the PB version? And don't forget that I bought 30 pieces of my beautiful aqua colorful cafe glassware for only $15!

Thrift shopping for the WIN!


  1. I loved these the first time you showed them, now I REALLY love them! Thrifiting pays off once again! I need to sign up for a PB catalog just so I can look at all the cool "old" stuff they are knocking off.

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Looks like Old Williamsburg by Imperial. Look them up at Replacements and you will really feel good about your purchase.I have them in clear from the seventies when I first got married and I still love them. They are very pretty in blue.

  3. They really do look like the ones in the Pottery barn catalog. I like the ones you have better!

  4. Those are gorgeous! Love that color! ~~Pam


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